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LanguagesEnglish (Fluent), Hindi (Beginner)
Height155 cm / 5′1″,
Hair colorBlack.
CityChennai, India.

How to Meet me:

Hello my name is Sheetal Khan. I welcome you all to my Chennai escort profile. Kindly note that do not waste your time asking unnecessary questions. Just get straight to the point and you’ll see the best part of me!

If you are looking for the best chennai escort service, then you are at the right place. I’m an independents girl who is not related to any Chennai escort agency, so you have to book directly from here Whatsapp.

How to contact me?

If you want to spend some time with beautiful and sexy Chennai escort, then you can contact me. I don’t want unnecessary hassles and am just interested in the pleasure time with you. So if you are looking for an escort in Chennai, then Call SURYA+919068084270 

Chennai Escort

I know well how to make a man happy. I am an independent Chennai escort and not related to any Chennai escort agency. Kindly don’t contact me if you are looking for chennai escort, as I’m not the right person for you. Currently, I am 24 and work here in a startup. As you must be aware, startups don’t really pay that well; hence, I took the escort’s job. It really suits my thinking of making new friends and getting to know you well. So basically, I’m an independent Chennai escort who is in this field to make some money to support my lavish lifestyle.

What can I do for you in Chennai escort?

I provide the best Chennai escort experience as I’ve been working in this role for quite some time. So whatever your sex fantasy maybe, I’m available for you. My services include Domination play, French kissing; Oral sex-blowjobs only, reverse oral, GFE, COM-Cum on Body, Role play, Tie & tease, Squirting, Sex toys, Water-sports fun, Face sitting, Strapon play, Couples play, and something that you want.

My clients are highly satisfied with my performance on bed, and they consider me the best Chennai escort. I do really love to make them happy with my lusty body.

What do I like?

My preference is to live my life to the fullest with all the lavish things for me. And that is one of the main reasons for me choosing to become an independent Chennai escort. I am your one destination if you are looking for the best escorts in Chennai. Apart from my boring startup job, I love meeting new people, doing watersports (with some sex☺), watching movies, and spending my money on my beauty care.

I have a habit of purchasing new make-up kits to define my lusty and beautiful face. If you are meeting me, then you can consider this as a gift to make me happy. Who knows, maybe I can give you something special in return if you make me happy.

What can I do with you in Chennai?

Chennai is a beautiful coastal place, and I am staying here since birth. Apart from our kinky sex and all those stuff, Chennai is also a beautiful travel destination. I have listed some of the places in Chennai where we can go and make out. 

There are many good destination places in Chennai that is perfect to visit with a friend. You can visit here with any good chennai escort and have fun. The places are listed down in the page. Check them and let me know where you want to visit. I’ll also act as your guide if you don’t know about Chennai much since I grew up in this city only.

7 Fun Things to do in Chennai with your Chennai escort partner, Sheetal Khan.

Are you and your escort partner bored from your daily routine and need a vacation? There are many places you can look for where you can enjoy the company of each other and explore new places. Well, if you like exploring new places and want to go on one such trip, then Chennai is the place for you to be.

Chennai is one of the famous locales and is located in the central part of Chennai. Chennai has a rich history and culture that dates back to more than 1500 years. Due to its ancient heritage and more scope for tourist experiences, Chennai is the most visited city amongst the neighborhood cities in Chennai. So if you are planning a trip with your escort partner to Chennai, then you must definitely try the following things:

Luz Corner Shopping

Chennai has a place called Luz corner, which is best known in Chennai for its shopping lane. A large number of shoppers visit this place on a daily basis. The Luz corner has dozens of shops and a showroom that sells everything from silk to textiles. It is a perfect place for shopping that boasts several boutiques and quaint stalls.

If you visit this place, then do visit the famous Nalli silks and Mysore silk palace to get your hands on some best Kancheevaram sarees. The Luz corner also has a bookstore Murugan Old book shop that sells second-hand books. If you truly love reading books, then this place is a treasure for you. This place is a great visiting place in the evening time with a beautiful Chennai escort and I will show you some more places.

Santhome Basilica

Santhome Basilica is one of the three basilicas known in the entire world and is built directly upon the tomb of the apostle of Jesus Christ. This Basilica is an important site in the history of Christianity. Santhome basilica holds historical importance and grandeur in terms of heritage and was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

The structure is designed exquisitely with an all-white facade, and the window panes are large and colored. The interiors of the large hall are decorated with several carved wooden pews. This place is definitely a must-visit in Chennai. Quite historic and visit here with your chennai escort. A great place for history lovers.

Carnatic Music at Sabha

Chennai is known as the center of Carnatic music tradition and culture. The city is home to dozens of halls and cultural venues known as sabhas, which regularly organize Carnatic music cutcheries. The months of December and January are the season of Madras Music Season, during which these sabhas held various concerts. These places are a must-visit in Chennai and you have to witness at least one Carnatic music concert. 

Mangollai and Mada Veethis

Chennai is a place that has witnessed some important historical events and is home to several important figures Thiruvalluvar, whose work on seminal Tamil on ethics, Thirukkural had resided here nearly 2000 years ago. The surrounding neighborhood of Chennai is also home to many freedom fighters and poets. Walking through the streets of Chennai will give you a brief history of the city. Several heritage structures that existed during the bygone eras can be seen in the neighborhood areas. Many tour companies have started cultural and architectural walks in this area. So if you are in Chennai then do visit this place. 

Meals at Chennai mess

When in a place like Chennai, you do need to try the local cuisine. How about savoring some South Indian cuisine? There many famous messes in the city, which is famous for serving authentic south Indian cuisine. The messes like Rayar and Mylai Karpagambal mess are famous amongst the locals, tourist and is usually crowded in the evenings.

These places are best known for their full meal veg platter that combines dozens of dishes and is served on banana leaves. So if you are looking to savor the local cuisine then these places are a must-visit. I love food and chances are you also must be loving food. So what about dining with your beautiful Chennai escort girl here? Maybe we shall try out Chinese cuisine here? Or anything else that you like.

Citi Center Mall

Another fun and entertaining place to visit in Chennai is the Citi center mall near RK Salai. It is one of the most popular and the oldest mall in the city that also consists of multiplex on the top floor. A large number of locales still visit this place for entertainment and fun. There are many shopping stores and entertainment zones to look for in the mall. If you are in Chennai city with your escort partner and looking to have some fun, this is the place. 

Pubs and bars

The city of Chennai is seen more like a traditional place, but that does not mean the people here do not enjoy it. There are many options available if you are willing to enjoy a cocktail or a beer in the evening. The famous pubs and bars available in the neighborhood are the Madras pub near RK Salai, Illusions, Bay 156 pub on cathedral road. There are also many bars like the Tapas bar, sera, and poker bar, etc. Do visit these places if looking to enjoy your evening. Although I don’t drink, I can watch you enjoy your drinks and me, your best Chennai escort girl.

There are many others to visit in the city. But the places mentioned above and things are a must if you want to get the full zest of the city. So what are you waiting for then? If you and your escort partner are looking for a destination and would like to explore new places, then visit this city with a lot of traditional and historical background importance. Also, there are fun things that you and your escort partner can do here. So you have checked some of the places in Chennai where we can try out some fun activities. As I said, I love water-sports, so we can head to different water-sports locations and try something adventurous and sexy.


I’m speechless with her riding skills. A hardcore performer on a bed that never lets you feel bored. Tried my favorite 69 positions too.

Met her at the desired place; she was on time. Had a lovely evening with her after the tiresome day. She made sure to remove all my stress with her naughty face.

Perfect busty body to satisfy me. I was constantly looking at her eyes during the cowgirl position. She is very good with that riding position and made me cum fast.

Had a lucky chance to meet this beautiful darling on 23rd Feb in Chennai, and I can’t forget that experience. She came to my room at evening, where we talked, ate and made out. She really knows how to grind like a pro. Can’t wait to meet her again on my next Chennai visit.

I really liked her on-time meeting at my place. She was wearing short jeans that showed her busty booty very well. I just grabbed her ass, and that was heaven.

I came to Chennai for some work-related issues in the first week of March and met her through an acquaintance. Oh god, did I mention she made my night just feel like the best possible time of my life? Her grinding skills in the cowgirl position are un matchable. Will try hardcore doggy position next time with her.

A quick meeting and an overall nice experience.

Good curves to move your fingers while fucking her. Loved her rawness.

Oh god, why are Chennai women so beautiful? I met her through Whatsapp and that has to be my best ever time with her. She gave bj and went straight for riding.

Excellent service by Sheetal. Will check her again soon.

Question & Answers by Sheetal Khan

Do you give blowjobs without condoms?

No, I don’t give bj’s without condoms. If I like you, then I may try that.

What are your strapon services?

Strapon services are for men loving anal penetration. You can try out that with me to explore your fantasy dreams.

I stay in Bangalore. Can you come here to my place?

I stay in Chennai so it won’t be possible for me to come to Bangalore. You can enjoy me by visiting Chennai. I can suggest you some good hotels, where you can have a comfortable stay and me anytime. Message me for more details over this.

Do you do role-play? I love fantasy role-play a lot.

Yes, I certainly do role-plays if that’s what you like. Can you be more specific about which type of role-play you like? Message me on Whatsapp.

How much for bj and cum on body?

Yes, I do COB and bj’s with condoms. Message me for price details.

Can you go with me to Sri Ramachandra Water sports center, Chennai, for some adventurous sex?

Definitely, I too, love water-sports and am ready to go there. Although all the fees there has to be given by you. Let me know when you want to go there, I have some secret watery and sexy surprise for you.

Interested in 3 some?

Yes, will do that but charges for both will be different. Call SURYA+919068084270 for more details.

Can you do bdsm with me?

No, I don’t do bdsm. Although if you love domination we can do role-plays and domination but no bdsm.

Hello sexy lady, how much for one hour?

Call SURYA+919068084270 to know more in details. Why don’t you book for a full day and I’ll let you do whatever you want.

How can I meet you?

The best way is to book a good hotel and I’ll come there. I can even suggest you some good hotels. Want to try out?

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